Tamil and English Magazines from Magzter – ATS Special OFFER

கல் தோன்றி மண் தோன்றா காலத்தே முன் தோன்றிய மூத்த மொழி நம் தாய் தமிழ் மொழி !
தமிழ் மொழி உலகமெல்லாம் பரவும் வகை செய்தல் வேண்டும்!!

Greetings from Magzter, the World’s largest digital magazine store with the highest number of Tamil magazines!

We are in pursuit of making Tamil magazines break the geographical barriers and be accessible to everyone across the globe in digital format. Magzter has hundreds of Tamil magazines in its catalogue, that can be read anywhere, any time and on any device.

Magzter has introduced the ‘ALL YOU CAN READ’ subscription, Magzter GOLD, which gives you unlimited access to 2500+ best-selling international magazines across the globe. Under Magzter Gold, there are over 80 Tamil magazines as well at just US$9.99 per month.

In addition to this, Magzter also has an unique FAMILY SHARING plan where you can share your Magzter GOLD subscription for FREE with any 4 of your family members anywhere in the World!

Magzter now happy to announce an EXCLUSIVE FREE TRIAL of 1-month Magzter GOLD subscription to the members of the AUSTIN TAMIL SANGAM.

Click HERE  and get started on Magzter to have an all-new digital reading experience.


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