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ATS is partnering with our own ATS member Prakash Mohandoss to bring a great theatrical event at a very low price, EXCLUSIVELY for ATS Members. Great for adults and kids, this is a great opportunity to enjoy and learn. Ticket sale will close on Sunday.


Agni Entertainment presents The Strings of Time, October 22-25 in the Rollins Studio Theatre.

‘Strings of Time ‘ is a show produced by Agni Entertainment that combines dance and physics in a unique way to narrate the story of the very early universe. Come watch the Nerdy, Artistic & Fantastical production at the Long Center!
Contemporary Dance
Tai Chi


It is also aptly named ‘strings of time’ in light of the fact that the music for the production is primarily strings based. Various dance forms and genres of music come together to create a symphony of sorts, the symphony that is our universe. Project is written & artistically directed by Prakash Mohandas and brings together some fantastic choreographers such as Geeti Shirazi Mahajan ( Ravaan Persian Dance Company ) Divya Dinakar ( Agni The Dance Company) Genevieve Guinn (Pink Flamenco ) Preya Mangalat Patel( Devi School of Dance ) Varsha Bankapure-Jawadekar (NrityaVarsha NrityaVarsha Dance Academy) Annelize Machado (Maraa Dance Theater) , Vik Doddi ( Master Yi Tukong Martial Arts), Ian Bethany ( Ballet Austin), and Tanya McCown(Four Elements Aerial & Creative Movement ) .

It is a homage to science, the cosmos and a showcase of some of the concepts associated with string theory. It is by no means an explanation of string theory or a claim that it is the answer to all of the questions in our known universe.


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