The big day is here.. Read this first before you arrive

1) Tickets

Event is SOLD OUT/OVER SOLD. No tickets will be issued at the venue. Please bring your confirmation email with the BARCODE on your phone or a print out. This is a must

Collect your

  • Wrist Band (Needed for entry into the hall)
  • Meal token (Needed to collect your meal)
  • Raffle ticket (Needed for prizes)


If you are ill or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we respectfully request you to not attend.

Masks are encouraged but not required.


2) Schedule

3:00 pm – Check in starts

3:15 pm – Networking Event Starts – Class Room A

4:00 pm – Networking Event Ends. Main Program Starts – Main Hall

6:45 pm – Take out food service begins – Main Hall

7:00 pm – Wrap up of Programs

7:10 pm – In person dining begins – Main Hall

8:15 pm – Hard stop. Cleaning begins

8:45 pm – We exit the venue. We are required to hand over venue before 9 pm



3) Kids under 5

We are ordering Pizza for all ticketed children under 5. There will be a designated area for Pizza Pick up


4) Parking & Entrance

Please see parking diagram below. Park at the rear of the school first

Main entrance to Elsa England will be closed. Please use side entrance only

5) House Rules

  1. Silence your phones during the program
  2. Clean up after yourselves. CLEANLINESS IS A TOP LEVEL OBJECTIVE
  3. Please watch after your children
  4. Do not wander into the areas of the school outside the auditorium area
  5. Please be polite and kind to all volunteers , patrons and everyone you meet
  6. Enjoy the show!


6) Attire

Wear your best attire and show your best spirits

You can win Silver coins from our Sponsor for the “Best Dressed” if you take a photo in their booth


7) Food Service

We have gone out of our way to bring you the best possible food. We are confident you will enjoy it

We prefer that you use the “take out” option if possible due to limited space in the venue.


8) In Event Interaction

Please send a TEXT message right now to 844-544-3287 to for in-event interaction


8) Sponsor Interaction

This program is possible because of our Sponsors. Our sponsors are the best at what they do. They offer services you can benefit from.

Please take a minute to stop by their booths.


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