Introducing our new Platinum Sponsor – Mr Kandasamy Subburaj of SFSS Corp

Austin Tamil Sangam is honored and excited to welcome our new Platinum sponsor Mr Kandasamy Subburaj, SFSS CorpNow, lets hear it from our sponsor himself,
Hello Austin Makkale, I completed my Ph. D from IIT Bombay and Moved to USA in 2001.I worked as a scientist for pharma companies and FDA for more than 20 years.I started a financial service business in 2014 as part-time, to become full time financial professional in 2020. I incorporated my company, SFSS Corp in 2018 and very happy to share that my agency has helped thousands of families with their finances.SFSS corps primary role is to build financial service Agencies across the country and build agencies in Multiple states in the USA.Come join us!! We are looking for key partners in Texas.

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