International Yoga Day celebration 2016 @ Austin

Austin Tamil Sangam has delivered yet another exciting and fulfilling community event. A Yoga session to commemorate the International Yoga day. What an event! Old Settlers Park at Round Rock was busy with 75 people doing Yoga for more than an hour. Bend, stretch, pull and breathe. After many routines one could feel refreshed and rejuvenated (not to mention the soreness for some freshers). Thanks to our own Yoga instructor Mrs Gayathri Venkateswaran who rocked the crowd with her Yoga moves and also sharing the significant role Yoga plays in one’s life. Ms Gayathri shared how Yoga changed her life and few of her students came forward to share their life changing moments due to Yoga. The session ended with refreshing fruit juice and fruit platter. Again thanks to Ms Gayathri and her students.
Keep rocking ATS. We need more events like this. #ATSIDYoga2016 #ATSrefreshingYoga #ATSthanksGayathri #KalakkalYoga


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