ATS 2022 Recap!!

As we step into the new year, we all love to reminisce the year that just went by. Walk hand in hand with us as we take a walk down the memory lane of 2022!

The year began with a change of guard. ATS team 2019-2021 passed along the baton to our team and our tenure started with a pomp. We met our fellow team members and their families for the first time and took an oath that we would work together and always value our tamil culture and prioritize serving tamil community and follow ATS’s laws.

As our first event of the year, we chose to do a seed exchange event to mark the beginning of spring in March 2022. As a new team we didn’t anticipate the community support that we would receive but the seed exchange was tremendously successful and we were so excited to meet and get to know so many of you and your family.

We celebrated Tamil New Year Chithirai Thirunaal with all of you and your family in May 2022. It was amazing to see the performances that our community put together and it was a memorable evening that ended with a delicious meal. We were completely sold out for this event and it gave us big glimpse that this community always comes together and loves celebrating together.

Idhayam Kaaka – A meet and Greet with Dr V Chockalingam was the next event we organized in July 2022. He shared inputs on how to lead a healthy heart friendly lifestyle and educated all of us on how to manage stress and choose a healthy lifestyle. This event also had a 45 minute yoga session that our audience thoroughly enjoyed.

We were thrilled to Introduce and announce about ATS Youth Club in August 2022. We conducted our first youth club elections. We encouraged the kids to canvass for their positions, learn about leadership skills and forming new friendships. The final nominees were elected over a public voting. It was great to see the community come together to elect our first youth club leaders.

We conducted an in person swearing-in ceremony for the Youth Club leaders in October 2022. The new leaders all took their oaths and met their new team in person for the first time.

Our biggest event of the year, Deepavali Mahakondattam was a great joyous event where we got to meet almost a 1000 people and their families come together to celebrate the festival with much pomp and joy! It was a fun filled two day event with the first day hosting the tamil drama “Paati Aanalum Party” and the second day with an amazing concert by Super singer Krishnamurthy followed by several amazing local talent performances followed by a delicious in person dinner event.

As a fitting end to such an eventful year, our Austin Tamil Sangam Youth Club came together for their first event in December 2022. It was a yoga event which was taught by two kids who are also a part of the ATS Youth club. Several of our community members across several age groups participated and thoroughly enjoyed the yoga.

Austin Tamil Sangam wishes you and your family an amazing new year. Let 2023 be filled with peace, good health, prosperity and happiness.

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