ATS Events – Summer 2013 Update

The ATS Team has been busy this past year trying to live up to its own Vision & Mission statements. ATS is a volunteer driven organization and events are made possible only through the selfless effort and time put in by its volunteers and the generosity of local area businesses owned by the Tamil community.

Some of the events hosted by ATS since last summer are:

Crazy Mohan Drama ‘Chocolate Krishna’  was a hit with our Central Texas community members and ran to a full house. We had around 350 attendee’s that laughed their hearts out from start to finish.

Fall Picnic – This event was hosted last fall at San Gabriel Park Georgetown and was a hit with kids and adults alike. We were able to get a lot of new members in the community introduced to each other and to our organization at the picnic. Community attendance was around 150 at this event.

Volley Ball Tournament –The volleyball tournament was organized and conducted by ATS volunteers and brought together 12 teams from the South Asian community in Austin. This was held late last fall and the proceeds from the entry fee were donated to a local area charity.

Deepavali Local Talent – Our Deepavali local talent show was probably the biggest ATS event last year with close to 350 people attending. This event has been a yearly staple of our line up and we look forward to your support with this year’s event as well.

Pongal Event – This year’s Pongal event was hosted at Temple TX and started with the traditional cooking of Pongal followed by cultural programs. This event was well received by our local community and we are appreciate of our volunteers, participants and attendees who made it out to Temple TX.

Summer Fest – The Patti Madram and ‘Vada Pochae’ were big hits at this year’s Summer fest  held at the new Sai Baba community hall this May. Vada Pochae was presented by members of the San Antonio Tamil Sangam and we hope to continue to the cultural exchange between our two cities.

What do we have in store of the rest of the year?

Tamil School – Tamil Palli Classes start the second week of September, Enrolled kids will receive further communication. If you are interested in teaching Tamil to kids, please contact us at [email protected]

Boat Party – We are looking into hosting a Boat Party by the end of summer when we have a slightly cooler temperature.

Awareness Events – We’ll be arranging an Awareness program for the community around Dental Health.

Deepavali Celebration and Local Talents –This year’s Deepavali program will be hosted in the November timeframe. Look out for our emails.

And so folks – Volunteer! Participate! Get engaged with our Tamil Community events! Hope to see you all at our next event!

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