ATS Election Results

Dear Austin Tamil Sangam members and well wishers
The election committee has tallied the votes and we are glad to report the election results.
We would like to thank the election Commission members Mr. Kumar Muthuraman and Mr Rajendran Panda  for their valuable time and efforts to conduct this first unprecedented election for the Austin Tamil Sangam.
We would like to thank all the ATS members and the registrants for their time and participation in the election.
This election was conducted more as a procedural event with everyone a winner. With the 5 members for the Board of director positions selected we will call upon The sixth member to serve as Assistant Secretary to the Executive Committee.
We are glad to report the election results as follows and wish the ATS office bearers good luck in executing their duties for our ATS
Board of Director Positions
Name Votes
Balaji Krishnan 95
Shanmugasundaram Marudhachalam 94
Sakthivel Sabapathy 92
Ganesh Venkatesan 68
Praveen Bhattar 59
Vasu Vasudevan 56
President (uncontested)
Name Votes
Hari Iyer 71
Name Votes
Chidambarm Vairavan (Chidu) 73
Secretary (uncontested)
Name Votes
Karthikeyan Annapillai (AK) 75
Treasurer (uncontested)
Name Votes
Rajagopal Chidambaram 71
Thanking You
And Glad to be of service
Your election Commission
Sam Kumar
Kumar Muthuraman
Rajendran Panda

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