Event Registration Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully 

1. Please be advised we have had an overwhelming response to perform at our Celebrations and we have put in place certain guidelines to be followed. We have registrations on hold who are eager to perform should a spot become available. We would like to accommodate as many as possible to showcase your amazing and unique talent on the biggest stage of Austin Community.

2. Each performance is evaluated but not limited on the basis of content, total number of participants in the group and exclusivity.

3. This approval is based on the number of participants submitted by you. You may add more participants but reducing the number of participants requires re-approval. This year we have a minimum requirement of 3 participants and any performances with fewer than 3 participants will be cancelled.

4. All performers are to be present before registration to qualify to perform.

5. The participants will arrive on time and check in at the events desk at the venue at the time mentioned. Failure to check in on time will result in your performance being cancelled. There will be no exceptions to this rule.  (We will inform the teams individually on your performance time when the program line up is finalized). We will also be collecting a phone number of the team leader. When your line up is announced, we will contact you either by text or whatsapp message, you will gather all your performers and report to the events committee incharge. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of your performance.

6. We will be collecting a small confirmation deposit (fully refundable)  of $100 for each performance. Please make your check payable to Austin Tamil Sangam. The check will not be cashed before Feb 7th, 2016.  Failure to report on time or last minute cancellations will result in forfeit of the deposit and will be considered as a donation to Austin Tamil Sangam. You may collect your check back when your team checks in on the day of the performance (May 07, 2016)

7. We will be collecting from you today a detailed description of your performance, mp3 audio, list of participants. The Change will not be made to the duration of the performance submitted today. You may add more performers, change the description, give us a refined audio adjusting the levels.

8: Some Rules to follow when preparing to perfom. Please read carefully, these are non-negotiable as this pertains to safety and precautionary measures with the Performing Arts Center Guidelines:

  • Flying props will not be used during your performance. Props may be used, but it should not damage the stage or surrounding screens and property.
  • Please make sure to let your kid performers know that the screens and other property on or off stage is off limits. No playing or running around will be allowed at any time.
  • Any damage to the property or the stage and screens will be borne by the said performing team.

10. By making the registration deposit, you are giving permission to Austin Tamil Sangam to publish your pictures at the venue, You also agree to have fully read and understood the guidelines. You understand that ATS will not entertain any request of change of performance line up or timing change.

11. Last but not the least, the decision of the ATS Event Management Committee is Final.

We look forward to working with you to make this event a Grand Success.

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