Kundrakudi Adigalar in Austin

Kundrakudi Ponnambala Adigalar is one of Tamil Nadu’s most thought-provoking and service-minded speakers of the current time.  He has a great command of the Tamil language. He has authored many books. He writes a weekly article “Anbay Thavam” in Anantha Vikatan. Adigalar is respectfully and affectionately referred to as “People’s Saint” because of his humanitarian service to the community. His involvement in the promotion of Social, Economic, Educational and Cultural development of the society and National Integration is well established.


Adigalar’s sweep grief work at Nagapattinam during the Tsunami Disaster in 2004 is an example of a contribution to humanity. When even the locals were hesitating to remove hundreds of dead bodies of Tsunami victims washed ashore in the Bay of Bengal, Adigalar swept into action by himself removing the bodies and giving them the much deserved “final rites”. Under his dynamic leadership, Kundrakudi Adheenam continues to be a pioneer in women empowerment, rural development, education, and health and hygiene.

 Do not miss his thought-provoking speech that will enthrall the audience, probe your minds and touch your hearts!

Followed by இனிமையான வாழ்க்கை இருபதிலா? ஐம்பதிலா? Pattimandram

All donations from this event will support the Kundrakudi Adigalar Project. To learn more about TNF’s Kundrakudi Adigalar Project: https://tnfusa.org/Kundrakudi-Adigalar-Project/

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