Coding Class for your 8-14 Year Old Child – 50% Off Exclusive Offer


Do you have a 8-14 year old child? Then you should read this.

Coding is becoming an indispensable skill for kids to thrive in the digital world. Coding is no longer a specialized skill. It has become a liberal arts skill. Some familiarity with coding is crucial for our kids to interpret the increasingly technology driven world that we live in.

How will your child benefit?
1. Coding nurtures your child’s critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving skills and develops their self-confidence to be more successful in their current academic classes.

2. Learning coding gives them a head-start for success in other STEM subjects and AP classes. It is an excellent preparation for university and makes a strong impression on their college applications.

3. Coding also provides them a strong foundation for and access to the booming high-tech job market. Learning this skill will make them very employable as they graduate from college.

Exclusive Limited Time Offer
Austin Tamil Sangam has partnered with CodeWizardsHQ to bring an exclusive offer to our members. Regular Monthly fees is $149/Month. Only for Austin Tamil Sangam Members, it is offered at $75/Month – a full 50% discount. Hurry. Offer is available only till Nov 15th.

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